I love enjoying life with meeting beautiful people, travel all over the world, trying new things like river rafting, running in the jungle, walk on the Chinese wall, dancing salsa in New York, skiing etc. The list goes on forever. But one thing I almost like the most is to do things I did two days ago.
I have a collaboration with a wine society, Tryffelsvinet, they pick out the wine and I match music to increase the flavour of the wine. Since music affects the emotional centra in the brain, of course, it affects your experience of the wine. So some songs are just not so good for the flavour. Try to drink a very nice wine when you’re extremely stressed and in a hurry. You won’t be able to calm down and embrace the scent, the spices, the beauty of that particular grape. It’s like running in the street and you barely noticed that you meet a dark haired or blond person, you just never took the time to meet that persons smile and see the stars in that persons eyes and share your own smile and stars. It’s all about you and how you feel when you encounter scents, flavours, moments. In this case, mostly wine.

Luckily this time, I had a coffee with my friend a while back. He happens to be kitchen chef at The More Bistro, I told him about the event that was coming up and figured that it might be perfect to have it in his restaurant. He was very excited about this and, his words, “it’s easier to change the food on the plate than the wine in the bottle”. As a creative person he wanted to lift this thing up further and adapted food to the wine and music. I am extremely lucky to have found such nice, talented, open and creative people to collaborate with!

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 10.02.24

The evening was prepared and it was due on a very cold and dark February evening. People started to arrive and soon the restaurant was full. Stefan Schlyter from Tryffelsvinet greeted everybody welcome, I told how I had worked with the wine and the music and Daniel Lindgren, the chef, told his idea and what was going to be served. The evening was about to begin.

A couple of wines was introduced I played a couple of songs, wine, music, wine, music and during this time the waiters filled up wineglasses and served food. Seven wines and songs and three different plates of food.
If you’re swedish you know this, if you’re not, I can tell you that in February in general, you don’t see a smile on the streets except if there’s a foreigner who haven’t learned the unsmiling code, yet… This evening was different. With the extremely exquisite scent and flavour from the wine and food embraced with the sweet music, it was like kung fu on peoples hearts. They realised it was no point to fight back. The only choice was to surrender and embrace all the emotions and experiences that was served to them. It was a restaurant full of smiles and glowing stars in every persons eyes.


They thought they were served wine, food and music, but they also received their own beauty wrapped in all their own love within their heart and soul. That’s what I love. To introduce something that makes people feel so comfortable that they let all the prestige and have-to’s disappear. To let go of all the every day walls of protection and just feel comfortable enough to just relax and be happy. To maybe talk to the neighbour on the next table and just be all the beauty that you are. Maybe I can just give you one evening at the time, but I can only give it if you are open to receive it. This is the second time I’ve done this wine and music evening. The first time, my colleague said “it’s not often you hear middle aged men talk about feelings like it’s the most natural thing in the world.”

Evenings like this just proves one thing:
We’re magic.


vin och blommor