Hello sweet people,

During the summer I have to have a little fun as well, just like during all the other seasons! Summer just includes other activities. This April I met a new friend that’s hilarious. She’s like me and like to do stuff, you know, activities and not only sit down and have a coffee and talk or go out and drink and talk. None of us mind going out drinking or just having a coffee and chat, but not all the time.

So the last week started even on the sunday before with a great performance with the Bluesqueen Bonnie Raitt in Copenhagen!
This was what the last weeks included:
Freesbee throwing (even in the queue for the bathroom, have to have fun anywhere, right?)
More concerts
“Just a beer” that ended up all night until morning
New meetings
Wakeboard (that might have ended up with a little concussion, but totally worth it!!)

I think it was about it…
All this had one red thread, the opportunity came and I just tagged along and said yes.
Result: Massively fun!

What to say, I’m a natural born Yes-(wo)man!

Lots of laughter to you!!