This is the title of the last book I read,  All my friends are superheroes. Andrew Kaufman is the author of the book.
It’s a wonderful book where I realized that it’s true, all my friends are superheroes. They have magic superpowers, that characterize them. I have superpowers too… Recommend to read the book and I’m sure you’ll figure out that you and your friends are superheroes too.

Lately I’ve read pretty much. I have phases when I read nothing and other times, that’s all I do. Recently I’ve read Denis Mukweges biography, which is amazing, but I which there would never be a reason why a person has that kind of history. He’s one of these Superheroes of Superheroes. If you don’t know who he is, he’s a doctor working in Congo with women and girls that are victims because of the war in Congo.

Not so long ago I read Catch 22, but I never finished it. Good book, but I borrowed it and had to give it back, ’cause I went to New York. Have to borrow it again, it was an entertaining book!

Now, I just have to decide which book to read next.
I have a pile about five books waiting to be read… And some in the library…

Lovely springtime!