Lovisa’s Story

hrFrom China to New York, she has performed and played.
Keeping her eyes open to where dreams are made…
Lovisa has released two full albums so far.
Jazz, blues, folk and country is in her repertoire.

The beginning

Once upon a time in a nordic, mystery land,
a guitar was placed in a ten year old girl’s hand.
Songs, she started three years later to write
It started with fairies dancing in the twilight.
At this time, she was a little, curious girl
Trying to figure out this thing called ‘the world’

The present

Time passed by, and her adventures went on.
Stories from Iceland to Brazil are parts of her songs.
But no matter how much she travels around,
he strive to remain with her feet on the ground.
Her experience taught her about the
o enjoy the moment is what makes life brilliant.

The future

Nobody knows what the stories of tomorrow will say
Maybe your path will take a new surprising way?
Open all your senses and just softly breath in.
amazingly magic story is about to begin.
Nobody knows what the future will bring.
This woman only knows, when it comes, she will sing…


Album #1 was recorded in Los Angeles by Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Ted Nugent) and released 2011. Musicians on the album are amazing Mark Boals and Linus Abrahamsson. It resulted in increasing interest from media and a growing amount of gigs.

Album #2 was released May 2013, single Shining Star was released 3rd of April. Recorded by Henrik Alsér (Robyn, The Hives, Soundtrack of our lives) with fabulous musicians as Filip Runesson, Steve Grahn, Paddy Sherlock and more. This album has inspiration from Brazil, Ireland, U.S.A. and Sweden and more. Lyrics about experiences bad and good, relations to people, dead or alive. This is an album that brings you through everything from tragic to strengthen stories. Stories dressed in music inspired from different corners of the world and will be shared on stage.


“True women use their wings to fly, caged birds survive ’til they die…”

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