My first acquaintance with the Baltic Sea, where I grew up, was at the age of two weeks. I’ve always felt safe close to the sea. I respect it, but it also makes me feel peaceful.
The reason I haven’t been doing a lot of water sports, is because of music. It takes time to learn how to master an instrument, a lot of time. If you want to make money out of it, it takes a lot of energy and time to get those gigs and to record albums it costs before you start to sell them. So my priority has always been music and then travelling. I’ve done some water activities, like river rafting in Iceland, which I loved and couldn’t stop thinking about for weeks so I wrote a song about it, River. A couple of years ago, I did wakeboarding in Malmö with my good friend, Charlotte, and that was so much fun. We went on for about one hour each. Since it was my first time, I fell pretty much. I’m stubborn, so I didn’t let go of the rope directly when I lost balance, so I ended up with me hitting the surface a lot and a it gave the result of smaller concussion. Didn’t make me stop, I was back on the board a couple of weeks later. What I really wanted to try was surfing, but where I’ve been living there’s been no waves. So I decided to do something about it and I took a week off work and went to Sardinia.

First day there were miniwaves, the instructor, Lorenzo, wasn’t sure it was enough, but I wanted to try anyway. For a beginner, like me, it turned out to be good waves. I caught some waves and I loved every second of it. I was so happy!
The rest of the week, the water was… flat… Since I was right (pure luck) the first day about that the waves was enough, I tried to read the surf forecast and convince Lorenzo that it might be waves some other place. I found out that 24 years of guitar playing wasn’t going to make me a weather expert. I tried to persuade Lorenzo that he might have given me the wrong answer about the water, but in the end I had to surrender to the fact that his 20 years of surfing experience, studying water and wind had payed off. There were no waves, no matter how much I wanted it to be. Law of attraction doesn’t apply on weather…

_MG_7318Flat, water without waves, at all. Not even mini ones.

IMG_5395Me, trying to practice at anything that might give me the simulation of standing on a board. Or at least something that is moving on water where I have to try to keep my balance. Never give up, right? 

Lorenzo still wanted me to have my moneys worth so we were active every day, SUP, kayaking, boattrip, visited caves and had a nice time. I rented a car, so I did some excursions myself in the afternoons and the Sardinian roads are so much fun to drive!

FullSizeRender (1) My first time using a go pro and I’m so proud (and lucky)to have caught this moment on our SUP excursion.

In the evening, I did what I used to do in Malaysia. I went down to the water and had a date with the sunset. It’s just a moment of peace. For me it’s a closure of the day. I did my best of what I could that day and everything else has to wait until tomorrow. To just be with the sun is a way for me to find balance, energy and inspiration. Luckily for me, there was a guitar I could borrow, so I brought it down and played for the sun until it went to sleep.

_MG_7487Although there’s not always waves you can surf, there’s always music to make you fly…

I was secretly laughing at the people walking more slowly behind my back and some were staying, looking at the other direction with their back towards me. Sometimes they glanced over their shoulder, because of curiosity. The viewing point happened to be very good behind my back! One man, once, was standing a couple of meters away from me. He listened, met my eyes and smiled. I liked that. He enjoyed himself and didn’t mind me knowing it. The last day, Lorenzo and two girls from Ecuador, that came for the surfcamp, came with me, the guitar and some wine and we had a nice and relaxed evening. I enjoyed very much to share my moment with these wonderful people.

Maybe I didn’t get to surf and yes, I’m sorry that the water was flat. I like to do what I intend to do. But, I did enjoy my time and the beauty that was around me. I met a new friend and to spend time with people I like and can be relaxed around is worth a lot to me. Maybe the reason there were no waves was so we could talk more and get to know each other better. As Steve Jobs says in his talk at Stanford University, always count the small dots. So what happens now, might give me an opportunity later, for something I don’t know about in the present. Lorenzo is a surf professional, so he knows where there are waves and maybe I will join him on one of his surftrips somewhere in the world one day. ‘Cause I will learn how to surf e basta!