Yesterday I received a text from my friend, telling me that she had an extra ticket for Marie Fredriksson.

As a lot of Swedish kids I grew up with both Roxette and Marie Fredriksson as a solo artist. Never been a great fan, but her music has always been around, so I was still excited to go.

Marie enters the stage, she’s pretty stiff, since she fought cancer. She doesn’t have any cancer in her body now, but there are some side effects that’s still there that she has to take medicine for. Yesterday during the show she started to jump because her leg hurt so badly. Then she sang another song, then the pain came back. So one person behind the stage brought her a chair. The whole audience stood up and clapped, just so she really should know that it was alright to sit and we would love her anyway. The concert was in a concert hall with sitting audience. She chose to keep on standing and kept on singing. That little woman has such a strong voice. Her high notes are incredible!

Marie had her most glory days in the 80s, 90s. The audience had fallowed her career during all these years. For you that are from other countries, you might know her from Roxette. She’s the one that sang ‘It must have been love’, in the movie Pretty Woman. She’s still growing strong and she’s a fantastic songwriter.

In the middle of the concert she sang yet another of her more famous songs, so the audience stood up and clapped. Now this maybe isn’t that strange that the audience dance and clap with the music, but I remind you, this was a concert hall for a sitting audience. So the sitting audience stood up, to show her how much they loved her and how much they appreciated her work. It’s normal in the end, but normally it doesn’t happen in the middle of the concert.

Her band was so fantastic, they knew what she was going through and they cared so much about her. They knew that what ever they were playing, if she needed to hold on someone to keep her balance she’d do that. It’s so nice to see people prioritize other people. They were excellent musicians, but you just knew that they would stop playing if needed just to help her out. They didn’t need to, but it’s wonderful to see how much they cared.

What I thought was so amazing with this concert was that I’ve never experienced such an engaged audience. Marie and her band was giving all they had and the audience was giving everything they could to make sure Marie and the band knew that it was worth it. There was no chance of the people on stage would not receive the message that they were appreciated.

Yesterday there was a room full of empathy and love.
That was awesome.

I love music.