This has been a wonderful week!

It started with radio show. It was an early morning and it started with me missing the bus, but it was alright ’cause I was going for one bus so I didn’t have to change bus. The first bus I would have ended up at the station about 45 min early. But I had coffee plans, so I thought it was ok. Then I met a friend heading towards the same direction. So I took another bus to get some nice company in the morning. We talked and had a nice time, he jumped off the bus at his station and I jumped off where I was supposed to so I could change to the right bus. Then I realised I was going to be 10 minutes late! Good for me is that we had arranged to meet at the radio long before the radio show started, but still, I don’t like to be late. So I texted the guy I was going to meet and said I was sorry. He calls me up and tells me he is even more late than I am! So the conclusion of me missing the first bus was that I got company during half my trip and I didn’t have to wait for a long time! Excellent! Some times life just gives you the way to act.

Then it was thursday, I was going to play two shows at the Baltic Sea Festival together with my bassplayer Anders Djurfelt. I played there last year as well and it was pouring down rain that year. But this year the sun was shining. I find it so nice ’cause it’s so many people coming up to me loving the performance and then give me a lot of compliments for my musicians. I love it! It makes me so proud of who I have the pleasure to play with! I know how good they are and I’m happy anyway, but that makes me even happier! For you, the people, that havn’t seen me live, I give my musicians pretty much space where they can show their whole potential. That’s something that I find is very important to share (and yes, because I loooooooove listening to them as they play a solo or two or seven:)

On the saturday I performed by myself in Lund. It’s always a little strange to be by yourself when you used to play with others I think. But it went very well and I had a nice audience that attentively listened. They gave me nice energy and it was a pleasure to spend the afternoon to play for them!

The same evening I played at another festival together with my bassplayer again. This is a festival I’ve attended every year. It’s a really nice and relaxed little festival in the countryside.
My performance ended the evening. It was a nice weather, but started to get a little chilly. So people sat in their sunchairs tucked up with blankets and just realxed and enjoyed. Since I couldn’t see them so good, because of lamps on me and the darkness of the night on them, I just had to feel them. The audience sent out amazing energy full of love!

So this week was super! I’ll end it with going to another persons perfomance, Bonnie Raitt! Tie to be even more inspired to write more songs!

Thank you all and lots of love to you!