There’s no snow in south of Sweden, I guess global warming is getting closer. I’m sitting by my kitchen table watching the rain outside and the grass that’s supposed to be gone, but I just refuse to remove it ’cause it’s January and it’s not supposed to exist grass to remove.

Sipping my coffee I think of last year. I summarize what actually happened, what I did, what I achieved.

When it comes to my music, I brought the most fantastic musicians and producer together and had a really cosy and relaxed weekend where my album was recorded. My single, Shining Star, was released in April and in May my whole album was released, with great reviews. I have an excellent photographer, Leif Johansson, which made great job with the photos to the album. I had a crowded release party where all musicians attended, except Paddy Sherlock, ’cause he lives in Paris. Instead I had Göran Abelli. The rest were Filip Runesson, Anders Djurfeldt, Kristian Rimshult, Emil Sjunnesson and blues legend Steve Grahn.

I also released my second music video which was directed by Christina Neferis in Los Angeles, filming it was Fredric Ollerstam (Preamp) and dancing with me was Jonas Örknér.

I’ve played on TED talks again, festivals, concert venues, cafés and bars, in Sweden, Denmark and USA. Or to be exact in New York. I love New York with my whole heart. I met so many, many nice people and some of them are coming over and of course stays at my place. The second guest comes in two days. That’s why I like to travel alone, ’cause you meet more people!

Dance entered my life about a year ago from now, think it was February. I started to dance blues, salsa and bachata and well, even zouk found it’s way into my life. I can’t decide which one is my favorite and  the good thing is, I don’t need to. Salsa is energy, bachata and zouk is passion and blues, oh, blues is just love…

Chocolate time! I love dark chocolate with blueberries. That’s why I’m never sick I think, blueberries are good for you!

I have an income by the side as a guitar teacher. Love that job, sweet kids that are amazing and they introduce (just wants to play) modern songs, which makes me awesome at a party ’cause now I know how to play songs like The Fox, Wrecking ball, Rolling in the deep and Boyfriend, yes, Justin Bieber. So extra good things comes out of that job.

I stopped working as first line impression manager with great credentials, if I ever need to work extra somewhere.

Of course, there’s been rough times to go through as well. Heartbreak, mean people that just wants to put me down, jealousy, energy thieves etc. But I’ve managed with pride. I’ve been so solid and yet at the same time, I’ve accepted that I am vulnerable. I have a heart that feels pain as well as love, and if you can’t feel pain, you can’t feel love. I know what I’m worth and I’m proud.

Best thing I’ve figured out this year is that I’m human and that’s ok.
It’s alright to have a bad day, it’s alright to have a good day, it’s alright to just have a day. I’m what I am, nothing more, nothing less. Just enough and that’s awesome!

I’ve met so many nice and loving people this year and there are people still in my life that is just amazing. I have so much to be grateful for and I am!

I’m very exited for 2014! A little nervous as well, ’cause I have my ideas, but in the end I never know what I’m up to since opportunities cross my way and I jump on every train that seems tempting…

I’m looking forward to see where and how we will meet!

Wish you all the best!