Lovisa Ståhl


There’s not always waves to surf, but there’s always music that can make you fly…


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What is taught many times in life from people around us and [...]

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“I had a chance to chat with Lovisa via email about her background and her music. She came off in the interview as someone who is imaginative, open and unpretentious, very much like her music.”
“I first met Lovisa Stahl at Path Cafe, NYC, where I was blown away by her amazing voice and solid guitar chops. Her new album, #2 is an eclectic mix of Fabulousness!”
Nicholas Ciavatta, Friggin Fabulous Radio
“On her latest album, #2, Lovisa’s soulful voice and guitar playing shine bright, taking the listener on a captivating aural journey, heavy with well-directed instrumentation and storytelling. With a wonderful attitude and undying ambition, Lovisa Stahl is as determined as they come to make a name for herself in the music world.”
Gregory Allis, Live High Five, NYC